About David

David Kirkland is one of the most widely published tourism photographers and writers in the Asia Pacific region (though, more recently, his work has taken him to the Middle East and the African continent).

He specialises in capturing memorable promotional photographs for national tourism authorities and producing world-class images for international resorts and boutique properties.

David became a professional travel and tourism  photographer and author in 2000 after more than a decade of managing tourism authorities in Australia. His earlier background was in journalism and public relations.    

David's photographs and articles circulate the globe. He has written and photographed 15 books, and he owns the largest on-line photo library dedicated specifically to travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. His company - Frontier Publications  -  has produced a stable of high quality souvenir publications on the countries he's photographed and he is a frequent contributor of articles and photographs to travel magazines and newspapers around the world.

As a photographer, David looks to capture outstanding photographs to promote the destinations he visits. While he can record whatever is in front of him, David likes to work with his clients to conceive iconic photographs and defining images - "Hero Shots", as he calls them - which grab people's attention and make them think, "What I wouldn't give to be there right now." His signature style is his use of colour and his ability to capture people enjoying themselves.

Previews of David's photographs captured during his most recent assignments can be viewed on his blog (www.kirklandphotosblog.com). His photographs are also available through his photo library - www.davidkirklandphotography.com - an on-line image resource dedicated specifically to tourism photography in Australia, South-east Asia and the South Pacific.

To preview some of his personal work that focuses on disapppearing indigenous culture in the South Pacific, visit his Limited Edition Gallery at www.kirklandphotos.com

David's work takes him away for up to eight months a year. Otherwise, he is based in Brisbane, Australia where finding the time to complete the renovations of his home continues to elude him.



David Kirkland 2018



About Tibi (Tim)


Hungarian born, Tibi Nemeth has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years, specialising in commercial and studio photography.

Tibi is David's business partner and manages the on-line photo library of Kirklandphotos. He accompanies David on assignments requiring specialised lighting expertise in areas such as resort photography (professionally lit rooms, restaurants and public spaces etc), corporate photography (portrait and advertising) and the creation of carefully staged tourism images that require studio lighting. Tibi has accompanied David on overseas assignments to Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.





About Daniel


Daniel Kirkland is a Writer and Producer for Kirklandphotos, specialising in the production of on-line tourism publications,video and social media. 


Daniel brings a fresh perspective to the company. His interest in new technologies and video production sees him working on a stable of e-books and on-line interactive projects while developing social media opportunities for Kirklandphotos worldwide. 


Daniel graduated from the Canberra Grammar School in 2012 and he is spending a gap year travelling Australia and overseas, despite having been invited to begin a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business at The Australian National University in Canberra. During this period he will be contributing to his father's business as a freelance writer and video producer.






To view David's most current photographs and summaries of his most recent assignments, visit David's award-winning Blog at www.kirklandphotosblog.com